Badilisha EcoVillage

Promoting permaculture design and ethics on Lake Victoria



Our collection of permaculture initiatives provide some remedies to the socioeconomic challenges facing Rusinga Island as a result of the dramatic loss of biodiversity.

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We have partnered with Direct Sponsor , an Irish organization, to implement this pilot project consisting of small groups of international monthly donors who each sponsor one family. The goal of each sponsorship is to enable the family to establish economic autonomy within three years, primarily through improved food production. Our sponsorships will focus on the urgent needs of the vulnerable portion of our community and the regeneration of environmentally degraded areas of the island.


Dire poverty on Rusinga Island forces many residents to devote the entirety of their resources towards providing for their basic material needs, leaving next to nothing for the education of their children and perpetuating a vicious cycle of socioeconomic disparities. The scholarship project’s aim is to allow local orphans and vulnerable children to realize their full potential and become productive citizens by providing them with educational opportunities.

We work closely with the children’s guardians and greater community to determine the most pressing cases, and then connect them with individuals willing to contribute towards their educational expenses. Support can be either full or partial. Full support of a student costs about 375 Euros per year for those in boarding schools. Partial support of a student in day schools requires about 160 Euros per year with the guardians making up any remaining difference. We have already secured support for 10 of the 35 most needy children in our community but are still in search of support for the other 25.